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Pre-Natal Yoga

I embrace my ability to expand and become more fully alive!

  • 1 hour
  • Colorado Springs

Service Description

I am a certified prenatal yoga teacher. This is a series that I offer pregnant bodies to fully embody this amazing experience of growth, transformation, and connection. Prental yoga offers support to growing bodies, is focused on safely stretching the muscles and preparing them for labor and delivery, builds strength in the lower body, incorporates breath practices to help center and connect inward, and can relieve tension or tightness throughout the entire body. You will also receive partner exercises, any insight of knowledge that I have acquired throughout my prenatal trainings, and my own personal experiences with yoga, pregnancy and birthing. I highly recommend incorporating prenatal yoga into your childbirth preparation on a consistent basis to help prepare you, your body, and babies body for labor and delivery. The yoga sequences will be skillfully sequenced and paired with each trimester. While I will not be present for birth my hope is you feel confident, trusting, and loving to your body throughout the experience knowing that what we practice in our time will be called upon in the right moment. You will walk away with deeper sleep patterns, tension release, positions to labor in, and affirmations to guide you! Props required for this series include: Bolster, 2 Blocks, strap, and blanket.

Contact Details

  • Colorado Springs, CO, USA

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