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Deep Stretch

Untwist the knots in your body with this warm and gentle flow.

This practice is guided in a slower rhythm geared to create a strong foundation in alignment and sequenced in a way that is like a gentle massage for your body and mind. You will generate heat in the beginning to then gradually settle into Asanas (postures) for up to 8 breaths using your Prana (breath) as your guide. This class offers many modifications throughout and is great for beginners, prenatal, and the experienced yogi! Props such as blocks and straps are extremely supportive and will be encouraged throughout the class. This class will leave you feeling in tune with your body, calm in the mind, and relaxed.


Inhale to expand and grow: Exhale to release and let go.

This is an all levels class that emphasizes bodies moving in coordination to their breath. In this practice you will discover your bodies natural rythems, impulses, and comfort zones. It is a muscular activating practice that will strengthen and tone the muscles and mind. This class will build into an Asana (Posture) flow with the support and guidance of your Prana (breath) that creates clarity, confidence, and promotes vitality. Props encouraged to use throughout this practice include two blocks and a strap.


Revitalize and Renew

An experience of feeling alive, connected, and free 


This is an intermediate class that flows seamlessly from one pose to the next at a faster rhythm and pace. It incorporates dynamic movement that is skillfully sequenced and paired with the breath. Designed to increase the heart rate, strengthen the body, and inspire the mind. No two classes are the same! Props used during this class consist of one block and a strap. 

Looking for a fun way for your team or employees to relax in the office? 

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