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A Little More About Me


Hello and welcome! My name is Lissa Lenz and I am a transformative yoga and movement guide. I support people who feel stiff or stuck in their bodies, minds, and lives by creating a safe and accessible space for all to shift out of their heads, become tuned in to their bodies to ultimately feel more alive, inspired, and revitalized! I have immense training in movement, dance, anatomy, alignment, and yoga. I guide transformative yoga classes that lead students through Asana (posture) and Pranayama (breath) with ease and playfulness. I bring warm and fun energy to each yoga experience. My classes are designed to fit the needs of all individuals including beginners. 

You may be wondering just how I got here and the simple answer to that is I love everything about the body! I received my BA in Dance from UC San Diego where my training and experience cultivated a passion for movement and the mind-body connection. After I graduated I knew I wanted to explore other philosophies in movement, personal growth, and new opportunities which led me to yoga. I earned my 200-hour Teacher Training certification through Yoga Six, led by Katie Brauer. This experience was one that brought shift and lifestyle change subtly over time, which has brought tremendous support and gratitude into my daily life. I am passionate about sharing this invaluable tool that continues to support me in riding the waves of everyday life!


The practice of yoga is transformative and no matter where you are physically, mentally, or geographically, yoga can create positive change and radical life enhancement! After practicing and teaching over the past 10+ years, I promise you that yoga works, and all you have to do is show up for the experience of it! See you on the mat!

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